We would like to make a formal announcement in regards to the slander and defamation towards us from some undignified members.

We would like to make a formal announcement in regards to the slander and defamation towards us from some undignified members. Obviously their false accusations (backed by absolutely no evidence what so ever) about us is because they are unhappy about their existence in the market being challenged.

They are motivated by jealousy, hate and money. Jealous of other's skill and talent, jealous of others being better than them. They feel so insecure that they would go to significant lengths to fabricate stories about their competitors! To bully us and warn us not to steal their business! They are like flies marking their territory, telling you to back off! How disgustingly pathetic! These people are bullies and losers!  

We have a message for you too! Nothing will come out of your threats and jealousy! Our skills and expertise in our field does not change with your slander and defamation! So far we have not sold any of our products worldwide as we have spent most our time on improving our techniques and skill and focusing on perfecting our products and services. Unlike some people who only care about monetary gains and have no respect for the artisan spirit! Eager to sell off your stuff within less than a month? What a joke! Our work has been around for over a year and all we did was post photos of our products and not yet sold any overseas! We are not businessmen like you and we just want true enthusiasts to enjoy our work and not here to steal your money! We rather spend our time perfecting ourselves rather than attacking others.
jelly had previously made an announcement on the website about people making fake accusations about them saying they were k3kc. Jelly then had to clarified this. I just don't understand why there are always some cowards that will make up anything about others to get ahead? Let me tell you honey, you've lost in life! Your insides are rotten and people will eventually see you for the pathetic bully that you really are! 

So many blind followers likes to believe in what they hear and not what they see which is the truth! The cost of creating fake accusation is zero! All they have to do is sit behind their computer and be a keyboard loser to make people believe them! We will not give in to such defamation because we have not done anything wrong! If you want to see our original design drafts we are happy to post them online! We do not accept the injustice forced upon us! We will speak up and stand up to bullies!