PC-286 Skull computer-4 colours

PC-286 Skull computer-4 colours


Although it had a relatively short lifespan, IBM’s 286 personal computer made a lasting impression—especially for Skull Studio. This artisan keycap pays tribute to the nostalgic vibes of the PC, from its retro square design to the internal lightning strike. Available in seven different colors, including a futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic and a throwback windbreaker look, the cap is compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. If you look a little closer, each colorway is slightly different in the details.


There are 4 colours to choose from. 


·Total height-15.3mm


·Resin Material

·MX Stem

·Glow in the dark-NO

·backlight compatible-YES


Shipping Details:

Shipping time: before 9/25/2019

Distributed by MMCAPS Inc. in China


*Any change in timeline will be updated on our website and via email

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