Frozenheart-[GID] PEACH

Frozenheart-[GID] PEACH



There are 5 colours to choose from. 




·Resin Material

·MX Stem

·Glow in the dark-YES

·backlight compatible-YES


Open GB date:  5/7/2018

Close GB date: 10/7/2018

Postage date: 12/8/2018

Shipping Details:

Distributed by MMCAPS Inc. in China


*Any change in timeline will be updated on our website and via email

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Hello everyone! It's been two months but we are happy to present this new addition to the family.  Frozen heart originally was on sale a year and a half ago and now there has been some changes. The material is upgraded so that it is stronger and more transparent. We have also added a gradual colour change and glow in the dark factors into our Version 1.5 which we know you'll love!